Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Orleans

Karan and I made our first visit to the  city of New Orleans. It was Halloween night and we went to the French Quarters. It is as wild and amazing as we thought. Lots of people in costumes, music and a real party atmosphere. We did a tour of the French Quarters, had dinner of gumbo and turtle soup and I got an alligator head for my collection of unusual things.

The next day we drove to LaFitte, LA just south of New Orleans and went on an airboat into the bayou. We saw alligators, turtles, deer and a variety of birds. It was a must do thing if you go to this area.
We then drove by several plantations on the Mississippi. Karan toured the Laura plantation.

Josh & Kelli in Kellar Texas

Josh is teaching economics at the University of Texas at Arlinton. He is teaching sports economics which is his calling in life. We sat on one of his classes and he is an amazing teacher. We are enjoying our three grandsons, McKay, Matthew and Spencer. We have gone to McKay's T-Ball games, gone garage sale shopping, went hiking and saw the stuffed animals at the local Cabelos.
Katie & Mike are becoming real Texans. They found out that they are having a girl in March. Maybe a good Texas name like Rose, Lilly or Reba will be on the list. NOT! While here we all went to Ft Worth and saw a small herd of Texas Longhorns driven by cowboys through the streets of the old stockyard.

Katie's dream has always been to meet John Wayne. She loves his movies. When she saw this cutout of the Duke she begged me to join her in the picture. Reluctantly I did knowing that it would mean everything to her.

Karan and I are on vacation in Texas. After visiting Mike & Katie in Lubbock we drove with them to Keller to see Josh & Kelli & boys. On Friday Oct 28th it was guys night out to see the BYU vs TCU football game at Dallas Stadium. Great night if you were a Horned Frog fan. The final score was 38-28.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

These guys are the reason we drove all the way to Idaho on the 4th of July
Aaron Hubbard, Josh and Joey Price, Kyle Brown Adam Schaffner, Ethan (and Joseph) Nuttall. Troop 156 from the old Hillsboro Ward. And it was worth the trip.

This is us after two hours in the Lava Springs Hot tubs. Can you tell it was totally relaxing, soothing,tranquil and calming? We loved it!

Some negotiated the river a little more gracefully than others!

Two tired little boys. What a weekend it was for them. For all of us.

Joey's family came out to Oregon and we all had so much fun. Hangin' out with cousins is a blast, whether it be digging in the sand box with Lucy, laughing on the lawn after picking cherries, or piling on the couch for Family Home Evening. This is the life!

We started our summer with our annual girls trip to the beach. Annie, Katie and I started this in 1989 with the rule that I would write in theschool excuse note saying exactly what we were doing; skipping school and going to the beach. And we've been doing it ever since!

At the beginning of the summer, we bought us a boat! A twelve foot beauty we named Lily. We have really enjoyed her so much and so have the grandkids.